Monday, February 18, 2008

Run the Reagan half-marathon

What was I thinking??? Attempting to Run the Reagan half-marathon with only two weeks of running post knee-injury rehabilitation. I did it for a "test run" before the Sarasota half-Marathon scheduled with my sister in early March. I completed it in a depressing time, more than 30 minutes slower than the last time I attempted it several years ago. I walked the last mile, but jogged the 0.1-mile to the finish. But I did finish. Before it, I had considered doing the Fargo Marathon in May. But now I know that I need more than 2 months of training before attempting a full marathon. I lost so much fitness in the 6-8 weeks that I wasn't able to run due to excruciating knee pain. But I am grateful that I can finally run again, although slowly. It can only get better... Maybe the Nike Women's Marathon in October???