Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Running Summary and 2009 Goals

Here are my stats for 2008...

I ran
153 times for a total of
705.4 miles in
143 hours and 27 minutes.

This includes 9 races:
1, marathon (5 hours 27 minutes, Greenville, SC)
4, half marathons (best 2 hrs 28 min, ING Georgia)
1, 10K (1 hr 4 min, Lake Hartwell)
2, 5Ks (best 31:03, Colony City Chase), and
a 2-mile fun run with my daughter and our dog (30 min, Atlanta Dog Jog)

My average pace for all runs was 12:12 and my fastest pace was 9:59 (Colony City 5K).

Awards: I received 5 finisher medals for the marathon and half marathons, and a 2nd place trophy for a 5K in my hometown.

Running Goals for 2009: Run on at least 200 occassions for a total of at least 800 miles. Run a fall marathon faster than 5:27. Have an average pace of less than 12 minutes/mile. Run a 5K with a pace faster than 9:59. Have fun!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Slight mileage increase

My mileage steadily increased this week over the prior weeks in December. I didn't run as much as I had planned, but it was more than the prior week. In retrospect, it was probably good that I didn't run as much as planned, since what I did run was greater than the 10% increase rule already. My daughter will be with her dad most of next week, so I hope to get more miles in on the road, rather than the treadmill.

Miles run this week: 10.06
Days run this week: 3
Other activities: swam laps for 30 minutes

Saturday, December 20, 2008


On Sunday afternoon, a friend brought her daughter over for a girls gift-exchange party that I hosted. Sadly, I didn't get the e-vites out until a few days beforehand, so we only had 4 girls involved. While the girls were playing, my friend and I talked about a variety of topics. I've always admired her commitment to exercising. The conversation roled around from swim lessons for kids, to exercise for adults. She was telling me about her friend's husband who became an avid triathlete and how she is envious of his commitment to exercise. I shifted the topic to her, and she said she gets up early, no matter how bad she feels, and gets on the eliptical while the kids are asleep, unless it's a day that she plans to go to the gym at lunch for a particular class that she enjoys. I really admire that about her. When I don't feel well, or didn't sleep well, I reset the alarm clock rather than get up anyway.

I decided that most days of the week, I'm going to get up when the dogs wake me and jog on the treadmill. That worked Monday and Tuesday... I had limited time, but jogged 2 miles on each of those days. I decided to take a break Wednesday morning. Thursday I had some excuse... Friday I intended to run early afternoon, after the holiday party, but I went shopping instead. And now it's Saturday. I had intended to get up early and join my training team run. I did wake early, but had stayed up late Friday and wanted to go back to sleep. I convinced myself I would save money by saving gas if I just jogged alone from home later. But, I couldn't go back to sleep and eventually got up and went to Fleet Feet for a new pair of shoes. They having a training program for the ING also. I ended up signing up for that, although I'll only be able to attend half the training runs, at most. After shopping for several hours and having lunch out, I came home and took a nap. I woke at 4 p.m. and immediately put on running clothes. I did a slow, easy 3 mile jog. Why are my legs a little sore? I can't believe I let myself get this out of shape after all the hard work I put into the marathon. Oh well, 2009 will be better...

Miles run this week: 7.03
Days run this week: 3

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Easy sunrise jog on Vero Beach

I'm on a business trip this week in Vero Beach, FL. The former project manager recommended an inn on the beach. He said it wasn't luxurious, but it was clean, on the beach, and the rate was within our allowable limit. He was right. Last night, after dinner, I sat on a chair outside my room on the third floor, overlooking the ocean. I read for hours until I couldn't stay awake. It was so peaceful. I set my alarm to wake before sunrise. I got up, dressed, and headed for the beach. I didn't have a lot of time, so I only did a 2 mile jog. It was slow, but very enjoyable. At the end of my jog, I noticed my elf watching the sunrise over the ocean. Too cool!

Miles run this week: 2.05
Days run this week: 1

Sunday, December 7, 2008

low mileage week

I'm in a slump. I only jogged 3 miles this week, on the treadmill on Tuesday morning.