Saturday, March 23, 2013

trail run bliss

Yellow River Park Trail - March 23, 2012
I felt like a kid again splashing in the many puddles on the trail today! I had hoped for a run in the rain, but the rain stopped just as I parked my car at Yellow River Park. It was so peaceful to weave along my favorite 2.6 mile loop, with the only noises being those of nature..

.. river flowing, wind blowing, squirrels scampering, owls hooting, birds chirping, deer darting away from the path..

Running is my stress relief, especially on trails. I let the worries float away as I focus on not tripping and enjoying the scenery. The amazing calm that washes over my mind and body stays with me for many hours after I return to reality.

So the question is.. why did I let excuses get in the way which drastically reduced miles run over the past 16 months? It brings me such release and joy, yet I let it virtually slip away. 

Now I'm motivated to get back to a healthy lifestyle. There are quite a few changes that I'd like to make, but I'm just going to focus on one at a time until I can make it stick as a habit. Running regularly is going to be the first healthy habit that I'm going to focus on. Having goals of running a race has worked for me in the past. So the new question is.. which Fall marathon should I pick? 

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