Sunday, September 28, 2008

4 weeks til Spinx Run Fest Marathon

Well, as I'm typing this, I'm out of town, away from my home computer. If my PDA is accurate, it looks like I only ran twice this week. When I return home, I'll check my running log and make any edits necessary to this blog.

Wednesday, 9/24, I started my run on the treadmill because it was getting dark when I arrived home. Immediate impact was painful to my legs. At a half-mile, I wondered if running on the road would be better for my legs or if I should just skip tonight. When I went upstairs, my dog Tasha, was incredibly excited seeing me in running gear, and was wagging her tail by the door. So I decided to just go for a "fun run" with her. I put on her harness and out the door we went. My goal was 2 miles because I haven't run with her in many months and I didn't want to over-do it. We headed out the door and at the 1-mile mark, she was still going strong so we continued on to 1.5 miles and then turned around. I let her set the pace. She pulled me briskly down the hill much faster than I would have gone alone in the dark. For that, I was grateful! Shortly after 2 miles she started slowing down. We alternated jogging with walking for the last mile. What started out as a not so great run on the treadmill, turned into a great run/walk with Tasha. It certainly wasn't a PR pace, but it was a truly wonderful bonding experience. I need to take her out on more runs. (Total miles 9/24 = 0.5 + 3.17 = 3.67)

Thursday was a long day at work. I had hoped to leave early to get a run in, but that didn't happen.

I took Friday off of work completely. My goal was for a 15 mile run in the morning. After dropping my daughter off at school, I went to Stone Mountain for a challenging run. I got there later than I had hoped to and also had more things that I needed to accomplish before our trip than when I set my goal the day before. So my 15-mile goal was downgraded to 10-miles. I started out strong, but the last few miles were painful due to chafing in an area that I thought I had applied Body Glide. I finished the 10 miles feeling energetic, but had raw pain. I called it quits and had lunch at Ponko Chicken before searching for an hour for a gas station that actually had gas. I was astonished at how many stations were empty! I finally found one with gas and had to wait in line for a half-hour to fill up. This made me even more grateful that I decided to go with 10 miles (2 loops) rather than 15 miles (3 loops). I was beginning to wonder if I would have to cancel our weekend plans... Then back home to shower and finish packing... After school, I picked my daughter up and we went straight to Southern Cross Ranch. We had our choice of three rooms and we picked the Seminole Room which had a great view of the pasture. We ate dinner, played scrabble, and actually watched the McCain/Obama debate until we both were too tired to stay awake any longer.

Saturday morning we had breakfast and then went to the stables for our first ride of the day. We were happy to see Britta! When we were at Southern Cross Ranch this summer, Britta was our favorite guide. She took us trotting and cantering (my first) and truly made the rides a wonderful experience. My daughter really enjoyed riding with her and asked for her specifically on other rides during our vacation. She had only been at the ranch for a week, on a 3-month work/visit from Germany. She told us this summer that October 9th would be her last day so we said we'd come back before she left. So we spent Saturday, 9/27, horseback riding through the trails at the ranch with Britta, trotting and cantering on numerous occassions. I talked about running with another guest who ran a marathon once many years ago, but I didn't actually run today, nor had I planned to.

I wanted to run on Sunday, but had too many things to do to get ready for my upcoming trip to Wilmington, NC. I spent the day doing housework instead. I also struggled with looking at my schedule and the training plan. The Hal Higdon Novice plan calls for a long run of 20 miles next Sunday. My daughter will be with me that day, but will be with her dad the following weekend, so I think I'll postpone the 20-miler by a week so I don't spend an entire day running on the treadmill with her watching TV, when I can be having quality time with her.

Miles run this week: 13.67
Days run this week: 2

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