Sunday, September 14, 2008

6 weeks til Spinx Marathon

Well, I had grand plans to blog regularly, but that hasn't happened. So I'll start here and maybe work my way back (or forward). I'm attempting to follow the Hal Higdon Novice marathon training plan, but if I start posting backwards, you'll quickly notice that I'm using it more as a guide than an absolute. My training week starts on Monday. This week was scheduled to be a "step back" week, according to the training schedule. However, I stepped back a lot farther than the plan suggested. I did get in 4 runs this week, but most of them weren't as long as they were supposed to be. My feet were still killing me after last Sunday's run. I did get in a great 4-mile run on Wrightsville Beach at sunrise on Tuesday, while my co-worker went for a leisurely walk. This photo doesn't do the magnificent sunrise justice. My phone camera doesn't produce nearly as nice photos as my digital camera. Because of traveling with a co-worker and the sun rising later than it used to, I changed my scheduled 8-miler to a 3-mile speed work session on the beach at sunrise on Wednesday morning. I had planned to get up early Saturday and run the 10-mile ATC race, but I opted to sleep late instead. I've been incredibly tired this week. Because my heels hurt so badly during Saturday's afternoon attempted run, I had low expectations for Sunday's long run. I went to a trail that I've never run on for a change, the Suwannee Greenway. I went slow on purpose to explore the trail and limit additional damage to my feet. I really like this trail, just wish it were longer... On the positive side, my feet didn't hurt nearly as bad in my Nike's as they have been in my NB 903.

Day (Schedule) Actual, location
Monday (off day) off day
Tuesday (4 miles) 4 miles, Wrightsville Beach
Wednesday (8 miles) 3 miles speed work, Wrightsville Beach
Thursday (4 miles) off day/travel
Friday (off day) off day
Saturday (cross train) 2 miles, near home
Sunday (12 miles) 7.76 miles, Suwannee Greenway
Miles run this week: 16.76
Days run this week: 4

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