Thursday, September 8, 2011

darn distractions = OUCH

I worked from home today and it was gorgeous weather (70s and sunny instead of 90s) so I planned to run 8 miles on the Yellow River Trail during my lunch break. I was startled by two deer running across the path within the first quarter mile and was amazed at their beauty. I was in awe of how the trail looks so different every time I run here. It looked even more different than usual after the storms of a few days ago. I was daydreaming and not paying close enough attention to the trail. And then it happened.. I tripped over a rock. Yes.. a rock.. on the same path that I've managed to not trip over a few dozen times. I tripped on Monday and fell in the soft sand and only had a teeny scrape to show for it. Not so lucky today.. I banged my knee and skinned my shin pretty badly. On the bright side, it happened at a scenic part of the trail and I sat for a minute, watching and listening to the river water flow over the rocks beside the trail. I was grateful that my waterbottle protected my left hand from injury and my Garmin that I carry (because my dog ate the watch strap) protected my right hand from scrapes. I then decided to be tough and stick to the plan. But my knee HURT! Well, it's going to hurt whether you walk or sit or run so.. keep running! But the pain increased and my pace slowed significantly and realized that I may be doing more harm than good so I decided to cut it short since this is just a training run and not an actual race. oh well.. later in the day my knee is swollen and I can barely bend it. I hope I get a cool scar! this sucks.. but it was an incredible run that I will cherish rather than regret. And a great excuse to wear a short skirt to the office tomorrow :)

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