Sunday, October 7, 2012

back into the groove

I ran a personal record (PR) marathon time in November of 2011 and then faded out. I was burned out.. I trained hard the prior summer and it paid off, but it also took its toll. My mileage dwindled in the following months.. I put in a few miles most weeks but switched focus to other things like work, motherhood, girlfriend, etc. A few times during the year I attempted a run streak to kick my butt into gear. The streaks didn't last long because I lacked true motivation. In mid-September 2012, stress was at an ultimate high. A close friend, that isn't a runner, boldly told me to go for a run. She has never been a runner, but has close friends that are runners and she totally gets that we runners are off-kilter if we don't run regularly. She knew it was the prescription that I needed.

So I made the time to get in at least a tiny run each day to help with my stress level. And wow.. what a difference it made in my happiness/stress level. I ran every day this week and 6 days last week. My goal isn't for a streak but for improved fitness. All of my runs the past 2 weeks have been on purpose in zone 2, base building.

Accomplishments of the week? Lost 0.3 pounds (avg), ran more miles than last week, busted my ass on a muddy section of the trail, reconnected with great friends and kiddo (the blondie on the right).. The gorgeous brunette on the left is one of my boyfriend's amazing daughters that was 2nd runner up for the Miss Parkview pagent.

Life is grand.. Make the best of it despite your circumstances!

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