Thursday, October 23, 2008

Monday - Thursday before the Spinx Run Fest Marathon

Boy was this week an emotional roller coaster! I was doubting my abilities after that poor 20-mile long run two weeks ago where I walked the last three miles entirely, and parts of the prior miles as well. Tuesday night I did my planned 3 miles on the treadmill as soon as we arrived home. It had been a stressful day at work and I needed to work that out so I ran a little harder than usual. Near bedtime I started packing my suitcase for a business trip as well as race weekend since I would be leaving for Greenville immediately after returning to Atlanta from Wilmington. When it came time to pack my running clothes, both for during the week and the race, I started to panic. Kyra reassured me that I was well prepared and that I would do great. Kids are awesome! The next day, Wednesday, I flew to North Carolina. I got on the rental car bus with my luggage, but when we arrived at the car location, my luggage was missing! I freaked out because my race shoes, etc. were in there. It turns out that the driver had accidentally pulled off my bag, with other passengers, at the terminal after the one he picked me up yet, thinking that it belonged to one of the passengers that was exiting the bus. I got back on the bus to drive around to that terminal in hopes that it would still be there. Thankfully, someone saw it it called my cell phone (on my luggage tag) and they stood with it until we arrived back at that terminal. A moment of relief... It was getting dark when I finally arrived at the hotel, so I opted not to run tonight. I got up Thursday morning and went to the beach at sunrise. I had planned to jog 2 miles on the beach. The sand was not as hardpacked as it usually is in the mornings. I started out jogging, but switched to walking when at a half-mile I received a phone call from Kenya. I decided to just turn around and walk and call it a major taper week.

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