Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lyme disease

This week has been HELL! I've never felt this bad in my entire life! I went to the doctor on Monday with an expanding bulls-eye rash on my right thigh (where the tick was attached), another rash on my left thigh, fever, chills, aches, mental lethargy, etc. All signs pointed to Lyme disease. The good news is that it was caught early and most early detection of the disease are cured with a course of antibiotics. So I started antibiotics on Monday. Since it's not contagious I thought I would go into work on Monday after my doctor's appointment. But just the walk from the parking lot to my office (100 yards), totally exhausted me. I explained my situation to my supervisor and left the office. I got worse before I got better. On Wednesday I thought I was going to die. I haven't been able to think clearly all week, but this morning it took me a good 10 minutes to mentally process how to make cheese toast! SCARY! Then the insane headaches with matching neck pain began. I feared I would die of meningitis (meningitis is common with this infection.) I panicked but then regained composure after a friend came over and helped me to find a sense of peace. Thankfully, I started feeling better the next day and have felt a little better each day since. By the end of the week the bulls eye rash was over 5-inches in diameter. I'm still totally week, exhausted, and have difficulty processing things mentally, but hope they will resolve as the antibiotics continue their course. So to sum it up, no running for me this week...

Days run this week: 0
Miles run this week: 0
Highlight of the week: Thought I was going to die, but then started feeling better
Goal for next week: Feel better

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