Sunday, March 15, 2009

Week 7 of 9-week half-marathin training plan (B)

Monday: Knee still hurts so walked 1 mile with my daughter and our dogs. This morning, while at work, noticed itchy spot on my right thigh. I saw a tiny spot in the center and assumed it was a tiny scab from scratching it through my pants.

Wednesday: jogged 1 mile warm up and then ran 2 miles of 100 yard repeats at the high school track. Fastest was at 7:00 pace. Knee started hurting at about 2 miles, but pushed through until I hit 3 miles. When I got home, I realized that the itchy spot that I first noticed on Monday was worse, larger, and what I thought was a scab in the middle, had grown. I wondered if the "scab" was a tick... So while I was in the shower, I decided to scrape off the "scab" and it didn't bleed. Then the "scab" started to crawl on my hand and I knew it was a tick. Hopefully the itchy/red patch will get better now that the tick has been removed. I'm pretty sure it attached to me on Saturday at the trail race, but possible on Sunday while doing yard work. Either way, it's been a few days. Just hope it didn't transmit any diseases.

I had planned to run later this week, but on Friday I had less energy than usual and red/itchy patch had grown. On Saturday, I lost total muscle control of my left arm while shopping and tried not to panic. I was extremely tired and had absolutely no energy. I took a long nap that afternoon. Sunday was even worse. I slept most of the day; and when I took my daughter to her swim lesson, I had to lay down on the bleacher, not having the energy to stay upright. Something is seriously wrong with me... I will go to the doctor tomorrow.

Days run this week: 1
Miles run this week: 3.00
Highlight of the week: Did speed work
Goal for next week: Feel better

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