Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week 14 of 17 Chicago Marathon Training

Monday: Ran 3.34 miles this afternoon with the dogs. Ran 1 mile with Tasha (pictured) then traded her in for Riley. 40:30 = 12:07 avg pace

Wednesday: Early morning run in the rain. Ran 3.09 miles in 36:05 = 11:40 avg pace.

Thursday: Morning run after dropping Kyra off at school. Ran 3.34 miles with the dogs. Ran 1 mile with Tasha then traded her for Riley. 37:43 = 11:17 avg pace

Saturday: Morning run at Stone Mountain in flooding rain (70 degrees). It was raining hard when I arrived at Stone Mountain around 8 a.m. I debated about whether to even start. Then I decided that I might as well because the forecast for tomorrow is rain too and I might as well prepare myself for running in bad weather in case it's storming on marathon day. And besides, there were other people out there running in the rain so I might as well do it too. It was hard to run upstream on streets/sidewalk in ankle deep water, but I did it. Ran 20 miles in 4 hours and 36 minutes = 13:48 average pace. Had a 12:50 avg pace for the first 16 miles, but lost motivation when the torrential downpour returned and began walking a lot more. Oh well, 20 miles done in extreme weather! Then came home to flooded basement... water heater out... bummer!!!

Weekly summary:
Monday: 3.34 miles
Tuesday: 3.09 miles
Thursday: 3.34 miles
Saturday: 20 miles
Days run this week: 4
Miles run this week: 29.77
Highlight of the week: 20 mile run in flooding rains at Stone Mountain

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