Sunday, October 25, 2009

2 weeks after Chicago marathon

Tuesday: I know my doctor said no running, but I'm going CRAZY! Went for an easy 1.87 mile walk/jog with Riley. Legs are still not fully recovered, but it felt good to get out and exercise. Right knee has been hurting all day. Felt better during the jog/walk. Go figure...

At breakfast, my daughter said, "One marathon medal means you ran a marathon. Two medals mean you're a marathon runner." How profound!

Had the MRI of my left knee done today. My right knee actually hurts worse than the left. Wonder if I hurt it too? I seem to have different aches/pains in different locations each day.

Friday: Went for an easy 2.07 mile walk/jog with Riley this morning. Then went to my follow-up doctor appointment. Good news is no tears! But I have bursitis and tendonitis, caused by probably too much running. Doc stated more clearly, NO RUNNING until at least November. Then he referred me to physical therapy. Okay, okay... I'll just have to find some other activity...

Week summary:
Days run this week: 2
Miles run this week: 3.94
Highlight of the week: I don't need surgery!

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