Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Year End Review

Well, I didn't make my mileage goals for 2009, but I did exceed the miles run in 2008. Why not? I was very sick in March and injured my leg in October. But I did run more in 2009 than I did last year, so I consider it a success. I learned this year that I shouldn't set exact mileage goals. My goals for next year are simply to run farther or faster than I did in 2009. Now that I'm working with a running coach, that should be easy to achieve as long as I don't have any lengthy illnesses or injuries...

My totals for 2009 are: 171 runs, 731.6 miles. I didn't break any personal records (PRs) in races this year. But I came close in the Peachtree Road Race 10K. That was the race of the year for me in terms of performance. It was awesome! I was highly disappointed in my finish time for the Chicago marathon, but it was totally due to injury. I was set to finish in 5-5:15, but the pain was just too intense so I slowed to a walk for the last two miles. It was a disappointing finishing time, but one of the most amazing/memorable vacations we've had. What fun to share this experience with my daughter and our friends!

Looking forward to a more amazing year in 2010!

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