Sunday, April 4, 2010

another one bites the dust

This week totally sucked for running. It was a busy week; I had to get tax info to my accountant, lawn mowed, bills paid, work done, buy stuff for Easter, take care of my sick daugther, etc. I only ran three days, and didn't complete the long run as scheduled; I opted to "run for fun" instead. I ended up getting sunburned so it's a good thing I didn't run for an hour longer and get 3rd degree burns...  I think we skipped spring and went straight from winter to summer.  Read below for daily adventures as well as a weekly summary, highlight of the week, and goal for next week.

Monday:  Rest Day

Tuesday:  didn't run; compiled tax info for my accountant instead.

Wednesday:  Intervals (that were scheduled for Tuesday). I got up early and ran 4.9 miles in 52 minutes; 10:37 minutes/mile avereage pace.  1 mile in 10:53 minutes, 6x3 minutes at 9:40 pace with 2 minutes at 12:00 minutes/mile pace jog after each. 1 mile in 10:41 minutes. Then I showered and went to Kyra's Junior Beta Club induction. She had the leading role by reading the introduction. So proud!

Thursday:  didn't run

Friday:  Rest Day (mowed the grass)

Saturday:  Long Run.  Ran 9.35 miles in 2:03:10; average 13:10 minutes/mile pace; at Alexander Park while Kyra was with Bryn at their lake house.  80 degrees and sunny.  At some point during the past month or so I lost sight of my motto, run for fun. I need to get back to that place. Was scheduled for 16 miles but decided to run as long as it was fun, and walk when I felt the need. Should have worn sunscreen... 80 degrees in the sun ended the fun early. But I felt good when I stopped and have no regrets about not meeting mileage plan. May downgrade to the half marathon on 4/24 if next week is similar to this week. But who knows... maybe next week the long run may be much more fun :-)

Sunday:  Happy Easter! And Happy Birthday to my brother and Zoe (Kyra is dog-sitting for her pups this weekend and is pictured here with Roger giving her a kiss). Ran 5.38 miles in 1:03:53; average 11:52 minutes/mile pace; in neighborhood. It was 83 degrees and sunny. I wore sleeves to cover my sunburned shoulders from yesterday.  After first mile, I decided to try to keep heart rate in Garmin Zone 2 (60-70%) during run since can't hit usual paces because of heat. 70%=148 bpm. When I hit zone 3.1, I walked until heart rate came down to 2.8, then resumed jog. Think this was a much better strategy than pushing too hard to keep an 11 minute pace or simply walking up hills and jogging in between. Not sure if this is the correct range for longer runs, but was a good trial; should probably keep it lower for longer runs because was tired towards end.

Weekly Summary:
  • Days run this week:  3
  • Miles run this week:  19.63
  • Highlight of the week:  Ran for Fun this weekend
  • Goal for next week:  COMPLETE LONG RUN and get back in the mental game for marathon on 4/24

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