Saturday, July 17, 2010

half the miles, twice the kittens

This just wasn't my day. Unfortunately, I've been saying this ALL DAY. It started out wrong by going to bed late and not setting my alarm clock. Even my back-up alarm clocks (the dogs) were off duty! I didn't feel the greatest when I finally woke up. Time to make breakfast. Hey, it's only 83 degrees with 69% humidity; I can still get in a 12 mile run!  Everyone's been fed.  I fill a cooler with ice, tart cherry juice, gatorade and a couple of fun-size snickers and set it at the end of the driveway. I'll run loops around my neighborhood block. I purposely go slow; hey, I can do this! But then I get slower and slower and slower. That's still okay. But then the fun ends...  I start having chills and feel light-headed. Guess I've overheated. So, I bail at 6 miles and hope for better luck next week! (and no, I didn't eat the snickers... they were going to be a treat at mile 10.)

Ending my run early made my daughter happy because it meant that now we could go shopping sooner. We hit the ususal stores... Target, Sports Authority and lastly PetsMart. I was awesome; I kept the purchases to things only on the list. That is, until PetsMart. We went in to buy crickets and dog food, and walked out with two adorable kittens and kitty supplies. I'm such a sucker! If you'd like to read more, here's a link to the post on my other blog, 2 adorable reasons not to take your child to PetsMart on pet adoption day.

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