Saturday, July 24, 2010

new toy + Stone Mtn trails

Between struggling with plantar fasciitis, insanely busy work projects, daughter's swim team, flat tire, insane heat/humidity, etc., I've come up with excuse after excuse after excuse for not getting my runs in. So yesterday I decided to buy a new toy for motivation: Garmin Forerunner 310XT.

I broke my Garmin 405 on a trail run on Memorial Day. The watch part still worked but the strap was broken. I was content to carry it, instead of strap it on, but during my last run it fogged up on me. I guess the bezel/face must be crack and water leaked in from when I rinsed it after my previous run. And... the GPS screen wasn't working right.

So after work on Friday, I went to REI and splurged on this baby. I took it out for a test run this morning. 6.32 miles on the trails at Stone Mountain. I walked/hiked more than I ran, but it was a great adventure! I only got lost once! I thought I was lost again, near the end, but switched to the GPS mode and set it to go "back to start" and then easily found my way back to the car. Love it!

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