Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Elf Edward arrives ready for the Mojo Loco

Three years ago, our first magical elves arrived at our house. My daughter was in 4th grade and she came home from school one day saying that Grace said that if she wrote to Santa and requested an elf, he would send one to her. So that very night, she wrote to Santa. I had never heard of magical elves and had to do some quick research. Santa wrote her back with a photo of the elf he was sending. I thought she would be thrilled, but she was upset. It wasn't the elf she was expecting. So that elf became my elf Edward. (I was reading the Twilight series at the time.) And the next day, her beloved Elf Kendall arrived; she was exactly what Kyra wanted. If you'd like to read more about our first year of elf adventures, click here and browse through December 2008 blogposts. And if you're really into magical elf adventures, click here and scroll down from 12/24 to Thanksgiving 2009 for last years antics.

This year, she wasn't as eager to write to Santa for the elves to return. But I missed my elf and sent a letter to Santa. Elf Edward arrived during the night and I found him ready to run this morning. He wore my MOJO LOCO headband as a tube top, was in a festive pair of running shoes, had my Garmin 310XT on his arm, my recent half marathon medal beside him, and my running log book open to the page reserved for the MOJO LOCO relay race. Woohoo!!! This is going to be so much fun!

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