Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just call me a klutz...

So... last week I fell short of my goals for running. I reset my goals to short, but frequent runs this week. And guess what... that plan failed too... It started out great, but then I was bucked by a horse during a canter on Thanksgiving day, which HURT my head and back and gave me a good excuse not to run...

Monday: I ran 2.04 in the early morning. Easy warm-up mile followed by a faster paced one. Still sore from Saturday's fall.

Tuesday: Speedwork on the treadmill: 3 Yasso 800s. 1-mile warm-up; 2x0.5-mile at 6 mph with 0.25-mile recovery, then last 0.5-mile started at 6 mph and bumped up the pace. Felt easier than last week.

Wednesday: rest day/drove to Southern Cross Guest Ranch for Thanksgiving weekend.

Thursday: Had a great trail horse ride this morning with my daughter! Then an amazing lunch at Southern Cross Guest Ranch. Then participated in the afternoon trail horse ride. Was daydreaming about going for a run on the trails after the ride was finished, but my horse had other plans. The Guide suggested we canter... My horse bucked as we started but I held on. She bucked again, and again during the canter, but I still held on. But her 4th buck was more than I could handle and I went flying off of her into the woods. As I flew through the air I prayed that the other horses would not trample me. I flipped in the air and landed on my back/head and quickly rolled over since I landed on an incline. My head throbbed and my back hurt. The guide came up to me and said not to move, then asked if I could wiggle my fingers and toes. YES! It took me a few minutes to get up since I was in so much pain. My daughter, in the meantime, had dismounted her horse and went to get mine. The Guide, after assessing that my back wasn't broken, helped me get up. My head was pounding and my back hurt! I eventually got back on the horse and we walked back to the stables. The entire horse walk/ride back, my daughter kept turning around and talking to me about things we were grateful for: that I had a helmet on, that I wasn't trampled by other horses, that I wasn't paralyzed, that I got to fly, that the magical elves were in the Camelbak which cushioned part of my back, etc. This helped keep my mind off the pain. Needless to say, this incident was a very good excuse to not run this evening, but I was SO BUMMED that I couldn't.
Friday: I was still quite sore today from my fall from the horse yesterday, but decided to go for a short run anyway. Kyra was going to play games with her new friend, Madi. Madi's mom said she'd be in their room if needed. My back screamed at me immediately, but I pushed through it. I ran to the horse trails and did a loop. Then I got a text message from Kyra that a guy was freaking her out in the gameroom. I sent her a text back telling her to go with Madi to Madi's mom, IMMEDIATELY, and that I was running back. As soon as I hit send, she replied not to worry, that they were already in Madi's room with her mom. Nothing like a good adrenaline rush to speed up a run... I didn't go as far as I had wanted, but oh well... At least my daughter is safe.

Saturday: Today was our last day at the ranch. I had originally hoped to run after our last ride, but didn't want to leave Kyra with that freaky guy still around. I played monopoly with Kyra and Madi instead. My daughter's safety is totally worth a missed run. (Plus, my back still HURTS! and I have a huge bruise on my thigh and knee from the fall.)

Sunday: Still quite sore so took another day off of running. Hope to get back into it tomorrow.

Days run this week: 3
Miles run this week: 7.07
Highlight of the week: Didn't break any bones/spine during fall from horse. Had an awesome Thanksgiving at horse ranch and met new friends.
Goal for next week: Run most days of the week, even if just for a few miles.

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