Sunday, November 15, 2009

Spring marathon here I come..

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 4.03 easy miles in 51:03 minutes. Average heart rate 140. 57 degrees and raining. Felt good!

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: Tempo run; treadmill. 2-mile warm-up (13:45; 12:15), then 2 miles at faster pace (11:32, 11:29). Thanks to Running Stupid podcast for inspiration to keep pushing. The episode that I listened to talked about there should only be a few reasons for not perservering (broken bone, fever, other severe illness/injury). It was hard to run 2 miles that fast, but since I wasn't in major pain nor had broken bones, etc., I pushed it to the end. Yay!

Friday: rest

Saturday: Original plan was to run 5K race with friends, but my daughter is sick. With her permission, I ran 5 miles around the neighborhood instead. 5 miles in 59:57 minutes. Set up Garmin for 70-80% heart rate program. Felt good. Harder effort than my typical "long run", but do-able. Was surprised at pace since I didn't look at pace during run (11:59). Yay!

Sunday: rest

Weekly summary:
Days run this week: 3
Miles run this week: 13.03
Highlight of the week: (1) Recovered from Chicago marathon injury. (2) Running faster than I planned/hoped. (3) updating my hand-written running log and gaining insight into my Chicago injury. I think I tapered too much. (4) Making positive progress... feeling good about picking a spring marathon... but which one?

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