Sunday, November 1, 2009

3 weeks after Chicago marathon

Monday: My first physical therapy appointment. The PT suspects hamstring tendonitis. It's too tender to do any stretches or exercises yet so he applied electrical stimulation and ice and said to come back later in the week. He'll add stretches and exercises once the tenderness decreases. He said I could swim or bike or walk if it didn't hurt.

Tuesday: My daughter is 11 today! She's happy she's finally a palindromic number! I took the afternoon off of work and took donughts for her class today at lunch to celebrate. Afterwards, I went to the aquatic center and swam 20 laps. The knee pain was minor, so I just did easy laps. Felt good to swim for 40 minutes!

Thursday: Both me and the dog are going crazy from not running! Riley's been destructive lately and has gotten thicker around the middle. He woke me early this morning so I decided to talk him for a walk, since I'm not supposed to run. We walked 1.42 miles in the neighborhood. It wasn't as rewarding as a run, but better than nothing. Had my second physical therapy appointment this afternoon. He had me do almost horizontal squats on the Total Gym and then bike for 12 minutes with no resistance. I could feel the tightness half-way up my leg. So this was followed by e-stim and ice. Maybe next time... Scheduled my next appointment for Monday.

Friday: Riley woke me even earlier this morning so we had time to walk for a little longer. We walked 2.29 miles in the neighborhood. He's not used to walking and pulled most of the way, wanting to run.

Saturday: Went to Fleet Feet in Lawrenceville today to use my $15 voucher before it expires. Turns out I had two! I bought a reflective vest, ear warmer headband, and balega socks. Decided that if I'm going to be outside in the dark, I should probably wear something more reflective than the tiny reflective details on my shoes. And as winter approaches, the ear covering headband will be sweet! After shopping, I came home, changed clothes, loaded Riley into the car and we went to Stone Mountain. We walked the muddy trails for a total of 3.98 miles. It was awesome!!! At least here I don't feel so bad about walking instead of running because the trails are so full of rocks and roots. It's rained a lot lately so by the time we finished, we were both muddy. Fun times!

Sunday: No exercise today... but did get an awesome new hair color and cut!

Weekly summary:
Days/Miles run this week: 0
Days exercised this week (swim/walk): 4
Highlight of the week: Walk/hike on muddy trails at Stone Mountain with Riley. Amazing views of autumn leaves! Wish I had taken the camera.

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