Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baby it's cold outside

Wow, it sure is CCCCOOOOLLLLDDDD!!!!  I did most of my runs on the treadmill this week. But I had to do the "hill repeats" outside. I probably could have figured out a way to do it on my treadmill, but decided to tough it out at Stone Mountain. I think I over-layered for that run. It was in the 28 degrees, but I still ended up sweating. Probably because I dressed for 28 degrees! My favorite run for the week wasn't really a run. Friday was my "rest day". It started snowing on Thursday afternoon. Schools were closed on Friday, and roads in my area were icy so I took a day off work. Had fun playing with my daughter in the snow in our yard. Mid-day we took the dogs for a walk and she challenged me to a race to the stop sign. After she won that, she challenged me to a race to xxxxx's mailbox. She won again. She's a sprinter; I'm not. It was much fun, none-the-less. The details of my running week are below...

Monday:  Rest Day

Tuesday:  It was COLD today!!! But on my training plan was hill repeats with push-ups and crunches between each. So I left work early, bundled up and headed to Stone Mountain. 1 mile warm up = 12:46; 6x40-sec up hill runs (fastest avg pace was on #4=8:31 avg pace; max speed was 6.4 mph on #2). 6x10 girlie push-ups (last 2 sets were challenging). 6x10 crunches (could have easily done more). 1.15 mile cool down. I did the push/crunch/run as prescribed by my running coach. Got a crazy look-back from a woman as I dropped to do push-ups, but she kept going. I bet if I had done this on a more crowded weekend day I would have gotten more stares or even comments. Felt good!

Wednesday:  3 miles easy

Thursday:  Progression Run; was scheduled for warm-up, 2 miles at 11:30, 2 miles at sub-11 minute pace/mile, then 0.5 mile cool down.  Got a side-stitch during last mile when I was running hard (for me). Haven't had one of those in years... breathed through it. Mile 1 = 12:00 (warm-up), Mile 2 = 11:28, Mile 3 = 11:27, Mile 4 = 10:46, Mile 5 = 9:50, 0.5-mile cool down = 5:19.

Friday:  Rest day.  It started snowing at 3 p.m. yesterday!!!  School was cancelled for today and the roads were icy so I took a vacation day from work.  Mid afternoon went on an untimed walk with my daughter and our two dogs enjoying the snow scenary. She challenged me to a few races to mailboxes/stop signs etc. She's a sprinter, and won every time. See the puppy and shoe prints in the snow? FUN!!!

Saturday:  3.15 miles.  Was supposed to be a 10-mile long run, but I bailed after 3 miles due to an upset stomach. I had to stop twice to go to the bathroom during the 3 miles. When I had to go again, I decided to call it quits. I will try again in the morning to complete the "long run".  mile 1 = 12:20 (warm-up), mile 2 = 12:00, mile 3 = 11:58, 0.15 = 1:48.

Sunday:  Yay! So glad I bailed yesterday. Felt much better this morning! Did the 10-mile run as planned (for yesterday). Mile 1 = 12:38 (warm-up), Mile 2 = 12:00, Mile 3 = 12:01, mile 4 = 11:50, mile 5 = 11:53, mile 6 = 11:35, mile 7 = 11:39, mile 8 = 11:43, mile 9 = 11:13, mile 10 = 10:04. Amazed that I finished so strong! I'm so used to finishing slower than I start. Working with a running coach is definitely helping my running!  Thanks Josh!

Weekly summary:
Days run this week:  5
Miles run this week:  24.74
Highlight of the week:  hmmmmm.... walk with Kyra in snow... successful postponed long run.
Goals for next week: Set a 10K personal record.

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