Sunday, January 17, 2010

less than stellar week

This week didn't go as well as I had hoped.  I need to get better organized/committed.  Too many mornings I slept late and didn't have enough time to get in all of the planned miles, or I made stupid mistakes like forgetting to charge my Garmin 405 the night before a race. Coach Josh scheduled 28 miles for me for this week, but I only did 25.12 and some were on different days than planned. But on the bright side, I may have missed a 10K personal record (in recent years) by 17 seconds, but I also ran the 10K on Saturday 17 seconds faster than the only 10K that I ran in 2009. This week's daily details are below...

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday:  Interval Day.  I increased the pace a little over my coach's recommendation for the intervals since the last time I ran intervals, 9:40 wasn't too intense. I did a one mile warmup (11:45), then 6x3 minutes at 9:30 pace with 2 minutes of walking recovery between each set. I followed that with a 0.9-mile cool down in 10:45 to equal the planned 4.5 miles. I could have done a faster pace for the intervals, but decided not to vary too much from coach's plan.

Wednesday:  I didn't get up early enough today to get the planned 3 mile run in. I did a core work out mid-afternoon between picking my daughter up from school and her dentist appointment. I was exhausted after her basketball practice and decided to just make today my Rest Day instead of Friday.

Thursday:  Progression run.  I ran out of time this morning so I did an unofficial (unmeasured/untimed) cool down by walking around in the kitchen making breakfast immediately after run instead of the official 0.5 mile cool down prescribed.  I ran a little faster than prescribed because 11:30 just seemed too slow. mile 1 = 12:17 (warm-up), mile 2 = 11:18, mile 3 = 11:17, mile 4 = 10:09, mile 5 = 9:17.

Friday:  Easy day. Today was actually supposed to be a Rest Day, but since I skipped the easy run on Wednesday, I planned to make it up today.  I didn't get up early enough to get the entire 3 miles in, but did manage to complete 2.29 easy miles.

Saturday:  Race Day.  I ran a 1.12 mile warm-up, followed by the Atlanta Track Club's Peachtree City 10K race, followed by a 3 mile cool down. I'm proud to say that I didn't walk, and I ran a slightly faster pace than the last 10K that I ran (Peachtree Road Race, July 2009). I wrote a separate blog entry for today's runs with many more details, so click here if you'd like to read more about today.

Sunday:  Recovery run. My heel (bottom of foot) still hurts this morning.  It is worse when I first stand up then eases a bit. I debated about running today. I decided to try the easy run as planned and if it hurt worse to run than to walk/stand, I would abort. It actually started feeling a little better at 1.5 miles but maintained a low pain level of about a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being no pain to 10 being the worse pain ever.  Mile splits: 12:07, 11:53, 11:45.

Got my hair colored and cut today. Like the fiery copper color? I think I like the fuscia/pink of last time better, but change is always good.

Weekly summary:
Days run this week:  5
Miles run this week:  25.12
Highlight of the week:  coming within 17 seconds of setting a 10K personal record (since I started tracking 2 years ago; not counting my younger/fitter years)
Goal for next week:  follow Coach Josh's training plan perfectly; no excuses

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