Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Summary

Well, my running goals for 2010 are 200 runs, 1000 miles, average running pace less than 12 minutes, 10K in less than 64 minutes, blah, blah, blah (race specific time goals)...

So, how am I doing?
  • Average running pace =  11:45, yay! (less than 12)
  • 200 runs/12 months = 16.67 runs/month.  I ran 16 times this month so I'm on target.
  • 1000 miles/12 months =  83.33 miles/month.  I ran 69.2 miles, so I'm behind schedule.  I would have met the mileage goal if I hadn't had this nagging heal pain...  Am pretty sure I'll make up for lost mileage in the future.
  • 10K in less than 64 minutes = ran 10K in 64:40 on 1/16, bummer... but the year has just begun...

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