Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm an inspiration?

I'm working from home today and decided to go to a nearby greenway trail for an easy lunch time run. I've been extremely busy at work, haven't run in days and definitely needed the stress relief. The first mile was sluggish. Maybe I should have waited a little longer after I ate... I started feeling more into it on the second mile and picked up the pace a little. I decided I would pick up the pace by at least 10 seconds on the last mile. So as I'm cruising along, I see two older women standing in the pathway pointing and staring at one of the new bird houses that have been installed. They looked so happy admiring the bird house and flowers and enjoying their leisurely walk. And then I was totally surprised... As I was approaching them, one said to me, "You're our inspiration". I said, "Thanks!" and smiled. I must admit I was a little perplexed. I'm just plodding along at an 11-minute per mile pace. I had no idea that my stress-reducing lunch time run would prove to be an inspiring moment for someone else. Double the goodness!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Samantha
    I've had this but never truly believed it until I realized that there is always someone out there better than me, and probably someone not as able.

    Maybe you'll see those two ladies out their next time with their running skirts and sweatbands!

    Keep on inspiring!