Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thalassini Kyra

One of the other places that Deb had mentioned running at was the Waterfront Loop in Portland. Someone in Portland told me how to get there by train. A guy in my training class went to college in Portland, so I asked him how to get there. He said it was easy... he ran there yesterday... Just follow the train tracks until you cross the river (about a mile from the hotel) and the bridge/pedestrian walkway would lead onto the Waterfront Loop, which is about 3 miles long. Since it was only about a mile from the hotel I decided to run there rather than take the train. Around 6 p.m. I started my journey, following the train tracks. If I had taken the train, I probably would not have noticed a ship named after my daughter, Thalassini Kyra.  I was so excited! But after I crossed the bridge, I didn't see anything that looked like a running park loop. All I saw were homeless people and I felt oddly out of place in my running skirt and tank top. The hairs on my neck prickled, so I turned around and returned to the hotel. Maybe I'll try again some other day after getting better directions.


  1. hi..! i live in portland condo, direct across from the dock with Thalassini Kyra.. is malta vessel, being loaded with wheat.. can track it online. hope you enjoyed your stay in portland. there is great running trail on east side of river, for about 5 miles, and hooks up with springwater trail, very popular running/biking/walking trail.. enjoy your stay!!


  2. Cool! I loved Portland. Thanks for the comment and tips on running locations!