Thursday, June 16, 2011


Earlier this week, I planned to order a Father's Day gift for my daughter's daddy (my ex-hubby), but had challenges with the website and couldn't get it to send the gift to a different address than the billing address. So I gave up and opted to go to my local REI today instead. And wow... was that a great thing! I picked out a new pair of sunglasses for myself since mine were scratched, then headed to the biking section for him. I found a cool pair of socks, but wanted to spend more, so I started staring at the riding gloves. I know he has both of these, but sometimes it's good to retire/replace. I'm standing there looking at the different options and sizes and a guy walks up and asks me if I ride. I say no, that I'm looking for a father's day gift, and ask him if he rides. He looks at me with those incredibly sexy eyes and most adorable smile and holds out his hand, palm down, to show his riding glove tan mark. I say that obviously he is a rider and rides a lot. I tell him that I'm a runner and he hates running, but enjoys hiking and there we connect... or maybe we connected before... we chat about local trail options. He often rides at a place that I run at a few times a month. I stare into his eyes and feel the draw. He touches my hand and my palms sweat and the butterflies are going crazy. I panic... I'm so not ready for this... I find a way to end the conversation, reluctantly, and he starts stumbling for how to respond. I sense a connection... I wander around the store to clear my mind in a pretend search for running socks. I regain my composure and head to the cashier. He appears at the next register shortly afterwards and finishes his transaction a few seconds before me. He very slowly walks out the door and lingers there. I walk out feeling all fluttery. He asks if I would like to get a coffee. It's been a long time since I've felt this way... and I needed to get back to work... so I say that I can't now, but would love to on another day. I write my personal cell phone number on the back of my business card and give it to him. He calls me before I pull out of the parking lot. He asks again to go to coffee today because he's leaving Saturday and will be gone for two months. I hold firm and say I can't today, but would love to when he returns. It's a short conversation that I immediately regret... I'm so busy right now and not sure I'm ready for a relationship. As the minutes tick away, I regret it even more... But force myself to stick to my word. Later I can't resist anymore and send him a text message. I watch my phone by the minute hoping he'll respond... but hours pass and nothing... until... YAY! He responded! Where will this go? Probably nowhere, but I'm going to enjoy the fantasy for a few days...

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