Sunday, June 26, 2011

mileage leaps

Ever had one of those crazy rollercoaster emotions weeks? Well, this one sure was for me. It's been full of the highest highs and lowest lows, so I ran harder and more miles to try to manage the stress better. I've exceeded the 10% mileage increase rule the past two weeks, and honestly, I feel much stronger rather than the dreaded injury that people have been warned about. My plantar fasciitis comes and goes on a day-by-day basis and seems to flare more when I wear high heel sandals than flats. It actually seems to be improving with more mileage. I'm wondering if the 10% rule is meant more for beginner runners rather than those of us that have been running regularly for years.. Or is it just a myth?

I used to live by the 10% rule. Now I'm living in the moment and letting my body decide what it's capable of rather than following a text book number geared for the masses. And I'm totally loving this powerful feeling of growing stronger each day.

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