Thursday, June 2, 2011

Harbins Park turtle

Sluggish aerobic trail run keeping heart rate in the aerobic range through walking up quite a few hill. HOT! Kiddo has horse camp this week near Harbins Park. So instead of getting up early and running in the cooler temps (low 70s), I decided to go for a trail run after dropping her off. Listened to Slow Runners Club podcast during the 85oF run. Their logo is a turtle. Guess what I saw near the end of my slow run? Yes, a live turtle! At least there was one creature on the trail moving slower than me!

While driving to horse camp, Kyra decided my running shoes need names since I have so many pairs and some of the same brand (3 pairs of Asics, 2 pairs of Nike, etc.). We settled on "Berta" for my trail shoes; named after a Clydesdale trail horse at Southern Cross Guest Ranch. She picked "Punkin" for my bright orange with green accented Newton Gravitas. That's as far as we got before arriving at camp. Looking forward to picking names for the rest of my shoes :)

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