Saturday, June 18, 2011

frickin lost on a trail run...

That's it! LostTrailRunner needs to give me his name... I bet I get lost on trails more than him! Last night I sent a text to Mr. Sexy (that I met on Thursday) asking again what trail he said that was great to run on. Little did I know that would lead to an all night text session. He had a few suggestions and I decided to go for a run at Yellow River this morning. A mile into it, I couldn't help but to text him, thinking he was still on a plane. But shortly afterwards, he texted me back. Crap! I guess his flight was faster than I thought it would be. I tried to run, but knowing it was a "recovery" run and wanting to talk to him more, I gave in and hiked/texted. Of course, this would turn out to be a disaster since I totally wasn't paying attention to trail markers... Which would have been OK since I had my Garmin 310XT and hit the "back to start" mode which would have taken me back to my car... if I only had enough battery power... Note to self: make sure Garmin is fully charged before a trail adventure! Battery died on Garmin and Mr. Sexy is texting distracting things and I'm totally frickin lost... I want to focus on him, but I'm starting to fret because I'm on a trail, without water because this was only going to be 4-5 miles, and I'm well beyond that distance. I go with the flow and continue texting... and eventually it hits me that I can look at google earth on my phone to find my way back to the parking lot! I have no clue how long I actually ran/hiked today. Garmin died at 4.49 miles at 1 hour and 20 minutes and I probably hiked for an hour beyond that. I was so happy to see the street, then freaked out because it wasn't the same entrance, and I had no clue which direction to go to. I looked again at google earth and made my way back to the parking lot that my car was at. I was so happy that I swung on the swingset for a few minutes.

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