Friday, December 31, 2010

last run of 2010

I wanted my last run of 2010 to be an enjoyable one. So I returned to Sope Creek for an easy trail run. I ran some... hiked some... walked some... talked some... enjoyed exploring new-to-me trails and chatting with a cute mountain biker :-)  I wondered if one of the runners that passed me, saying hi, was Spurgeon. We've tweeted back and forth for at least a year, I know he runs here regularly, and the guy that I crossed paths with looked similar to his twitter photo. After the fact, I found out that it was him!

I walked the last few miles reflecting on the past twelve months and thinking about goals for 2011. Totally happy! I decided to not set any New Year's Resolutions other than to laugh more (and maybe run a few more miles too). So... here's a toast to you, my friends! May you run happy in 2011.

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