Saturday, December 11, 2010


It is difficult to put into words a description of this most amazing running event. Adam Tinkoff (aka Zen Runner) and Maddy Hubbard were geniuses to create this life-altering event!  Marathon Chris said, we arrived as friends and left as family.

Chris Russell's blog post, A Convocation of Souls, was the best I have read. Steve Runner's podcast, Phedipidations #257, brought tears of happy memories as I listened to our voices from the day again.

Steve Chopper did an equally excellent podcast about the event as well, A Mile with Me #047. But the most anticipated podcast, 4 Feet Running, was a special treat! They were one of the first podcasts that I ever listened to, as well as one of my favorites.

The Crazy Runner wasn't nearly as crazy as I had expected. Unless you call running four instead of three legs insane. Susan was just as sweet as you would expect her to be from listening to her contributions on The Extra Mile podcast. But Eddie Marathon, who co-hosts the Slow Runners Club podcast, was the most genuinely sweet and welcoming guy I've ever met.

And last, but not least, it was a true pleasure to meet Norm, (we share a birthday), and his lovely family.

Eleven of us met at Starbucks in Daytona Beach at 7 a.m. and then carpooled to St. Augustine Beach where we met up with Nik and Dan at the lighthouse. Steve Chopper was our surprise guest, officiator, and fellow runner. We were assigned numbers: I was 8, infinity. Steve drew three poker chips out of a bag selecting three people to run the first leg: Adam, Maddy and Dan. After they crossed the starting line, the rest of us drove down the road, about four miles, and waited for them to find us.

When they arrived, they selected a chip. Next up would be Steve Chopper, Susan and me. And the cycle continued...  Everyone ran at least three legs of approximately 4 miles. The pace was set by the slowest person, with absolutely no complaints.

Many hours were spent in laughter. No one wanted the day to end. After completing approximately 50 miles from St. Augustine to Daytona, we celebrated at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.  I've had many memorable runs over the years, and this one is definitely one of my top 5. What a unique bonding/running experience!

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