Saturday, December 18, 2010

Life is like a box of chocolates

Life is like a box of chocolates... I felt low on energy earlier than expected in my 14 mile run, but pinapple coconut juice was exactly what I needed. I felt much better after drinking it earlier than I had planned. Started out with run 1 mile, walk 0.05 mile ratio, and later decreased to run 0.5 mi/walk 0.025 mi; and even later switched to taking a 0.025 mi walk break every quarter mile. I could have easily gone longer, but have too much to do today and 14 LSD was what was on my schedule. I listened to several podcasts, but the last thing I listened to was Phidippidations episode 257: The Mojo Loco. AMAZING!  I laughed in the beginning and middle, reliving those conversations. Tears came to my eyes later regarding the amazing bonding that occurred at Mojo Loco. That was THE MOST AWESOME running event that I've ever participated in. 13 people arrived on 12/11/10 as virtual friends and left as family. The podcast came to a close as I approached mile 12 of my planned 14. I contemplated starting another podcast or listening to music, but I just couldn't. I needed silence. Time for reflection. Steve's podcast brought back so many emotions. I laughed so hard at the Mojo Loco; smiled more than I think I have all year; and hated for that day to end. Epic adventure!

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