Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hitchcock Woods Trail adventure

hmmm... wish I had seen this sign before I crossed the following photo.. I drove to Barnwell, SC today for a business trip and decided to end the day with a trail run at Hitchcock Woods in Aiken, SC. I ran here once before and enjoyed the sandy trails. The website boasted of over 70 miles of trails so today I opted to explore a different pathway. I didn't have a trail map with me, but did have my Garmin 310 XT. I made random turns along the route and LOVED the intriguing scenery!

My favorite part was when I crossed this area that looked like it was once a river/creek that appeared now to be filled with sand. I cautiously made my way through it and then later saw the sign in the former picture. What a beautiful escape! Then the reality sunk in.. I was 3 miles into the trails and not sure how to return back to my car, my heel was hurting badly, a lone dog was following me, and the sun was setting. What to do.. I switched my Garmin to the "back to start" function, yet it had me retracing steps what weren't exactly a direct path to the car. I followed obediently until the battery died.

I should have learned this lesson a long time ago.. Make sure Garmin battery is fully charged before going on trail runs.. So then I turned to my phone, which did have a fullly charged battery, and opened up the mapping system. I had book-marked my car and just headed in that direction. My foot was KILLING me. I decided that maybe if I took off my shoes, the sand on my feet would feel so much better. It did. I eventually made it back to my car as dark was encroaching. My moments of panic subsided completely and returned to the bliss that only trail runs can impart on my pshyche.

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