Sunday, August 7, 2011

they should create a new lane for that..

Remember the cyclist from last Sunday? We had a great date last night! So when I saw him on my long run at Stone Mountain today, he stopped to say good morning. We were straddling the line between the bike path and run path, and the next thing I know, he's kissing me! Then I laugh as a woman runs past and happily says, "They really should create a new lane for that." The kiss and comment really put a spring in my step and I run my warm-up miles way too fast. Miles 6-10 were supposed to be run hard according to the training plan that I'm following, and I loved that lap! I felt so strong and free and happy! But I ran them a little too hard and struggled through the last few miles of my run. My 70-ounce camelbak was completely drained by mile 13 and I was very thirsty. At that point, I shifted to a run/walk pattern. 14.47 miles done.

What's the biggest lesson learned today? Don't wear a racerback tanktop if you wear a camelbak on a 10+ mile run. Yes, I'm the one you heard screaming in the shower.. major chaffing on my shoulderblades. Ouch!

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