Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fun, muddy run in rain on trail with pups

Yesterday I felt horrible and skipped the 10-mile run. I thought about making it up today, but didn't want to compromise next week's training. Although I had really wanted to run this week perfectly according to the training schedule, I didn't. One excuse after another. So I decided that today, instead of trying to make up mileage, I would do a revitalizing, easy, fun run on a trail with the pups. I hoped this would reinvigorate me and be sort of a reset button. So after church, I ate a sandwich, changed into running clothes and loaded the dogs in the car. We drove to Sope Creek. Dark clouds loomed overhead and rain sprinkled on the car off and on as we drove the 26 miles to the trail. I wondered if we would get rained on while running, but didn't really care. There were only three other cars in the parking lot when we arrived. After paying the parking fee, we set off down the trail. Shortly into it, there was a tree down across the trail. Hmmm... what to do... We climbed over it through a narrow passageway between two other trees since the branches were huge over the trail. We didn't see anyone for a while, but when we did, my adrenaline rushed. We passed two men that didn't exactly look like successful businessmen. Since I hadn't seen anyone else, and the trail is surrounded by forest, I started feeling fearful. Why didn't I bring my pepper spray? And of course these two dogs aren't exactly guard dogs. Tasha would like a stranger to death and Riley would cower in fear. The adrenaline rushed through me and I pushed the pace with the dogs until we got to a side-path. I turned left and hoped they didn't follow us. Once I realized we weren't being followed, I relaxed a bit. I had fun running through the muddy trail. When we completed the loop that we were on, there were two more men, friendly looking, with three dogs that were a bit excited. So instead of heading back to the car (they were standing in that trail), I turned left so we could bypass the dogs (a husky, chocolate lab, and ???). We did another loop of what we had run earlier. In our last half-mile, it started raining lightly. It was refreshing and beautiful watching it rain on the small Lake Sibley. There was a father and young son fishing on the dock. How cute! We did a total of 4 miles in a little over an hour. Not the fastest pace in the world, since we walked up some steep hills and stopped a few times to look at trail maps and for the pups to drink out of creeks. But my goal wasn't running fast; it was to have fun. And with the exception of that first scare, it truly was a fun run. Tomorrow I'll clean all the mud out of the car...

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