Sunday, August 9, 2009

Week 8 of 17 Chicago Marathon Training

So here's a summary of my week. I didn't run nearly as much as I had hoped, but did get in that Long Run. I had planned my long run for Saturday afternoon because my daughter had horse riding lessons in the morning. I knew it would be hot and my daughter would be home, so I planned it for the treadmill in the basement. But shortly after we arrived home from horse lessons, one of my daughter's friends called and invited her to go to the park with them. I thought about changing my plans to outdoor running, but it's just too hot. I completed 16 miles on the treadmill while watching two movies. I took walking breaks while texting my daughter and a friend of mine. 16 miles on the hamster wheel isn't much fun, but at least it was conveniently located within a short walk of the faucet and toilet! Afterwards I took an ice bath then met friends for dinner then a neighborhood band concert. Fun times!

Monday: 3.09 miles
Thursday: 4 miles
Saturday: 16 miles

Days run this week: 3
Miles run this week: 23.09
Highlight of the week: 16 miles...
Goal for next week: run more days of the week

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