Sunday, August 23, 2009

Week 10 of 17 Chicago Marathon Training

So here's a summary of my week. YES!!! I'm finally getting back on track!

Monday afternoon I just wasn't feeling it so cut my treadmill run short at 2.24 miles. Then I went to "Curriculum Night" at my daughter's school and talked with Tonya. She said that she and Lisa planned to do their "long run" on Thursday and I said that I would take a vacation day and join them.
Wednesday morning I got up early and ran with the dogs, one at a time. It was great! I took Riley for 1.61 miles then did the rest with Tasha. Wednesday evening I set out fuel/beverages/clothes/etc. for tomorrow's long run.
Thursday morning I woke up and didn't feel too good. My tummy felt queasy. I almost called Tonya to cancel, but then thought that I should go run anyway since I had taken a vacation day and this would be a good training run to prepare me for the possibility of waking up on race morning not feeling well. So I met Tonya and Lisa at the park at 8:30 a.m. The park has an asphalt loop that is just shy of one mile. We started out walking then added in jogging. We walked up two hills and jogged the rest. DeeDee joined us for a few miles. Then later Bryan was coaching tennis lessons and would cheer for us each time we passed. I felt okay in the beginning, probably because we were all happily chatting and it kept my mind occupied. But around mile 11 I started feeling much worse. I almost quit, but didn't want to let them down. A mile or so later I told them to go on ahead, I needed to slow my pace. I slowed a bit and added in more walk breaks. I felt horrible, but didn't quit. Tonya and Lisa caught back up to me and they finished 18 miles as I was completing 17. They said they would wait for me. Bryan cheered me on each mile. I finally made it to 18 miles, in slightly over 4 hours. It was hot, humid, and I felt horrible. But I enjoyed running with Tonya, Lisa and DeeDee and hearing Bryan's encouraging cheers.
I went home afterwards and promptly became ill. (And this was before I screamed when I found Tasha lying proudly beside her kill (mouse) that she had brought inside.) I was sick the rest of the day and wondered if I would be able to pick my daughter up from school. Thankfully my tummy settled down enough for me to go pick her up. I wasn't sure if I was sick from the run or if I had an illness, but I realized later that it was definitely a virus of some sorts. Shortly after my daughter came home she became sick too. Bummer!

Friday: I spent the day at home with my sick child. I started feeling better mid-day. I was so tired last night but the dogs kept waking me. So later this afternoon I decided to take Riley out for a short run so I could get some sleep tonight. I think this is the first time I've run the day after a long run! About a quarter-mile into our easy jog, it started raining lightly. Then it turned into a hard downpour. It was fun running in the rain! Kyra was sweet and dried him off in the kitchen. Too cute!

Sunday: It was a cool-ish morning, 62 degrees, YAY! It was so refreshing to go for a run in the cooler, less humid weather! Just did an easy 3.5 miles before church.

Monday: 2.24 miles
Wednesday: 3.09 miles
Thursday: 18 miles
Friday: 1.47 miles
Sunday: 2.97 miles

Days run this week: 5
Miles run this week: 27.77
Highlight of the week: long run with Tonya and Lisa
Goal for next week: run 5 days

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