Sunday, August 16, 2009

Week 9 of 17 Chicago Marathon Training

So here's a summary of my week. I didn't run nearly as much as I had hoped, again, but did run one more day than last week. Most of my runs were short ones with the dogs in the morning because I just couldn't drag myself out of bed in time to get in a longer run. This photo is of Riley snuggling with his current favorite toy; all tuckered out after a run with me. I had planned for 10 miles on Saturday, but started having tummy issues at 7 miles and simply called it quits after having to take a potty break. Hopefully next week will be better...

Wednesday: 4.03 miles
Thursday: 2.64 miles
Friday: 3.11 miles
Saturday: 8.3 miles

Days run this week: 4
Miles run this week: 18.08
Highlight of the week: ran one more day than last week
Goal for next week: run more days of the week

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