Sunday, May 30, 2010

another shoe bites the dust

Uh oh... Guess I should have given Riley (golden retriever) his new toy BEFORE I ran...  Found this shoe in his mouth when I returned. Oh well, I was getting tired of this shoe anyway. One less pair to take up space in the closet :-/
Slow but progressive 8 miles. I started the run very slow (12:20 minutes/mile) and then steadily increased the pace until I finished the scheduled 8 miles. I tried out a homemade electrolyte beverage of coconut water, tart cherry juice, and filtered water for dilution. Coconut water tastes horrible but has lots of electrolytes. The cherry juice killed the bad taste and tart cherry juice is reported to have anti-inflamatory properties. I LOVED IT! Thanks Deb for the suggestion!!!

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