Sunday, August 8, 2010

I am crazy; 13 almost unlucky number

13 was almost my unlucky number... Run Streak Day #13, that is... It was a busy day trying to get ready for the first day of Middle School (for my daughter) tomorrow. While I was on the computer looking up the school supply list, she decided that I needed lotion on my feet... Then she had fun playing and wrote "I am crazy" on my calf. She grabbed my iPhone and snapped this photo. I suspected something was up, but she let me walk around for a while before telling me I should rub the lotion in before we left to go shopping...  Thanks honey!

Too much to do and not enough hours in the day. Mid-afternoon my daughter said, "We don't live in Lawrenceville, Snellville or Loganville. We live in STRESSVILLE!" And I couldn't agree more. She's stressing over the first day of middle school, and I'm stressing over how to get a zillion things accomplished before bedtime. Something had to give... We mutually agreed to skip the swim team party and I came to the decision at dinner time, that my run streak would come to a temporary end.

Exhausted, I fell asleep at 10 p.m. But woke up an hour later, stressed and not able to go back to sleep. I decided to get up and run on the treadmill in the basement (while girlie slept peacefully upstairs) to keep the streak alive for one more day and hopefully bring my stress level back down. Mission accomplished. Now time to climb back in bed for a few hours... night night

Running Streak Day #13

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