Sunday, August 22, 2010

Too hot to handle

Well, yet again, I opted to sleep late and paid for it later... Yes, my body definitely needed the healing extra hours of sleep, but it meant running in the heat later in the day. I ate a hearty breakfast at 7:30 a.m. and began my run at 10 a.m. I took three bottles of hydration (different contents) to Mountain Park Park; I carried the first bottle of water + organic tart cherry juice blend, and left the other two bottles in a cooler in the car for easy access. My goal was to run/walk 10 miles. I started off feeling great! I took two walk breaks during the first mile, and then kept adding to it after that. By the 6th mile, I was down to a run 90 seconds, walk 30 seconds ratio because of the heat/humidity. During that mile, I started having chills and feeling a little light-headed. I recognized the signs of overheating and smartly called it quits at 6.06 miles. But, but, but... I need to run 10 today! I cooled off in the air conditioned car as I drove home drinking the ice cold bottle of Hammer Heed that I had pre-mixed. I drank a big glass of ice cold water when I got home and grabbed my third bottle of fluids (water + pineapple coconut juice blend) from the cooler to take down to the basement. I had cooled down some, but not completely, so I knew I should play it safe and continue the run/walk method instead of run only. I decided to go by distance, rather than time, since that is easier for me to track on my treadmill. I ran 0.1 mile then walked 0.025, and repeat. It wasn't ideal, but it was done. 10.06 miles logged for the day, plus an improved tan. Woohoo!

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