Thursday, August 19, 2010

two earbuds over-rated

Two earbuds are definitely over-rated!  I wasn't happy when I picked up my favorite earphones for running and realized one earbud was missing. Riley? Daisy? Diesel? ARGH! But I popped the one earbud into my left ear and headed out for an easy run anyway. It wasn't too bad; I actually kind of liked it. I could hear the music and yet at the same time hear my surroundings very clearly too. Maybe this was a blessing in disguise... Thanks kitties!


  1. I agree.

    I almost always run with only one earbud in just because I run so early in the morning and want to hear my surroundings.

    I have had some earbuds have one side go bad and I end up just cutting that side off..... very seldom missed.

  2. Thanks Tim! I'm loving my new singular earbud more and more each day.