Saturday, February 26, 2011

big red blinkie light

When did 10 miles become "easy"? For the first time in forever, I set out on a 10 mile run with no dread or fear or thoughts of it being hard. I went out with the intention of running very slow and just enjoying a few hours out in the sunshine with the hundreds of other bikers, walkers, hikers, and runners at the park. I've run the 5-mile loop around Stone Mountain many times over the past few decades and know it's a hilly route. But I've also learned how to manage those hills... walk when needed.

It was a gorgeous day; 65 degrees and sunny. My favorite parking lot was overflowing with cars when I arrived, but thankfully I snagged the last spot in the next lot. I wore my camelbak and had 3 fun-size snickers instead of energy gels. They are easier on my tummy than the sports gels, and taste better too without the stickiness of gel packets. I started slow and remained slow. I took 30 second walk breaks up some of the steepest hills, and jogged the rest. I was honestly surprised when I finished the second loop and felt like I could easily run another lap (5 miles). But I stuck to my plan of 10 LSD (long slow distance).

Near the end of my first lap, a woman on a bike with a big blinkie red light on the back passed me. She seemed so chipper pushing up the hill. She wasn't on the bike pictured, but she was just as bright and glowing. I couldn't help but wonder... is that Katie that posts regularly on Daily Mile? I didn't see her face, but saw long blond hair. When I returned home and sat down to log my run in Daily Mile, I noticed that she had posted a 15 mile bike ride at the mountain in shorts and a tank top. I couldn't help but ask if that was her... it was.

I completely enjoyed this 10 mile easy run. So what made it "easy"? Slow pace, perfect weather, and...  the number one contributor: my running streak. Groundhog day #25


  1. Good Job!! I wish it was 65 degrees where I live so I am a tad bit envious!

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