Friday, February 11, 2011

groundhog day #10: Hitchcock Woods, Aiken, SC

Movie quote of the day:  Phil said, "I'm betting he's going to swerve first."

Which is exactly what I was hoping as I ran on trails shared by horses. Thankfully, I saw lots of horse poop, but didn't have to dodge any galloping ones. But... who would have guessed that wet clay is slippery?  Ooops, busted my butt, but got up and dusted off and continued on. Glad I was wearing tights!

It's been a busy travel week. I was in Asheville, NC, Monday through Wednesday, and Aiken, SC yesterday and today. Last night at dinner I google searched trails in Aiken and found a place called Hitchcock Woods. One of the parking areas is less than three miles from the hotel, so I decided to go there for a lunch time run before driving back to Atlanta.

What a find! The coolest part was seeing an owl on a limb in a tree beside the trail. Aiken seems pretty flat, so I was a bit surprised at the rolling terrain in these woods. I covered 5.03 miles of trails and that's nowhere near the total distance of trails in these 2100 acres of woods. The website states there are 65 miles of sandy trails. Looking forward to checking out other trails when I return in a few months.

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