Saturday, February 12, 2011

skating legs

Once upon a time... many, many years ago...  I spent way too much time in a tiny little town on a business trip. On this trip, I worked long hours in a stressful environment in a town that had very little to offer in terms of entertainment. I've always hated running in cold weather. The small town didn't offer much, but it did have an ice skating rink so I decided to skate instead of run to relieve stress. I spent hours gliding around the rink as fast as I could propel myself. There weren't many people there so I could freely go as fast as I wanted. For some reason, each time I've gone ice skating since, that memory returns.

I had planned to do my long run today, but kiddo had alternate plans. Does ice skating for 2 hours = a long run? Probably not... especially considering the crowd, which meant speed was not an option. But we had fun... (And I did manage to squeeze in a mile before going skating to make groundhog day #11.)

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