Sunday, February 27, 2011

Songbird Habitat Trail

My plan was to run 1.5 - 3.5 miles to bump up my mileage to no more than 10% over last week. My legs were tired from yesterday's 10 mile hilly run around the mountain. And my body was under-fueled. I managed to lose a pound yesterday and haven't had much of an appetite. Tired legs + under fueled = not a fun run = walk up the hills and jog slowly on the flats/downhills. Plus, part of it (the Songbird Habitat Woods Trail) was a trail that isn't frequently used and was covered with slippery leaves and had a good bit of rocks, so I took it slow to be cautious too.

But, it was a gorgeous day, 73 degrees, so I had an awesome drive to and from Stone Mountain with the top down on my convertible. (the picture here is from the day I bought it and includes my daughter and her current bff a.k.a my other daughter). I wanted to run on the Confederate trail, but all the parking lots near trail intersections were full/overflowing (cars parked on the grass). So I ended up at the more secluded Songbird Habitat Trail. It's a short trail, but a change in scenery is always appreciated. I remember walking here with my friend, Anna, and our daughters about a decade ago, when the girls were 2-3 years old. They chased butterflies on that warm spring day. Fond memories.

Despite today's run not being the best, and not feeling well earlier in the week, I'm happy with my accomplishments this week. I lost an average of 1.7 pounds from last week, logged 24.7 miles (which is my highest weekly mileage in 2011), and maintained my running streak. Groundhog Day #26. Yay! Now, unfortunately or fortunately, my pants are sagging like those silly boys that think they are cool. I hadn't planned on going clothes shopping until I hit my goal weight, but think I might have to buy a few intermediate sized pants if I want to maintain a professional look at the office. 8 pounds does make a difference. Woohoo!

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