Monday, February 21, 2011

gluten hates me

After the race on Saturday, I went to Ally's house to pick up kiddo. They had just finished grilling hamburgers, and freshly sauteed onions that smelled heavenly, and kindly offered one to me. I couldn't resist. I was starving and LOVE burgers and onions, and wanted to spend a little extra time chatting with their family. I thought for a second about eating it bun-less, knowing how massively improved my digestive system has been since going gluten-free, but didn't want to appear to be weird, so I ate the amazingly delicious burger the traditional way... on a white bun. What was I thinking? Obviously I wasn't! That evening, the traditional gluten-intolerant symptoms reappeared. No fun. The next day wasn't much fun either. The following day, today, a federal holiday, I had plans to go to a lunch movie with a friend, but she had to cancel last minute for work reasons...  So... what to do? Might as well go to my favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch. Not sure if there is gluten in the tortilla chips, but I didn't care at that moment since I was already having issues from the bun on Saturday. Might as well enjoy comfort food...

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