Thursday, February 24, 2011

In the eyes of the beholder

If I had been listening to my iPod during this lunch time run, as I normally do, it would have been just another ordinary average run. A happy one because I exceeded my goal of beating my pace from a month ago on this same route (11:48 avg on 1/19, goal today was 11:45 avg, accomplished 11:33 avg). But what made this run truly extraordinary would have gone unnoticed if I weren't tuned into my surroundings. This route passes the high school and elementary school.

As I was approaching the elementary school, I noticed a teacher with 3 or 4 visually impaired children standing beside the sidewalk. As I got closer, I heard her describing to the children the noises they were hearing ("we're near the road", "cars are approaching", "a bird is chirping", "a lawn mower is cutting the grass", etc.). I was tuned into their conversation and ran past without saying a word. As I passed, with thudding footsteps and slightly heavy breathing, one little boy said during a pause in the teacher's description, "and someone is running. Is that a high school track star?" This totally made my day! and would not have been known/heard if I had earbuds in my ear. Life is so much sweeter when experienced totally.

Later, my daughter drew on my hand. A star makes you special, a smiley face makes you happy, a heart makes you loved... she explained. Life is grand!


  1. You are a STAR. Love the drawing.

    Part of my GRAND experience is my ear buds in my ears. Ha! Often, I do have mine turned down so that I can actually hear conversations around me (like races, etc)

    Great improvement!

  2. That is so sweet! The things you experience in life :)