Monday, June 21, 2010

chasing ducks

It was a long day... Today was supposed to be a "rest day". When I picked up my daughter from day care, it was evident that she needed focused attention. Which means... instead of her going to swim team practice, we went out to dinner and chatted. And on the way home from dinner, she said she wanted to take the dogs for a walk...

We loaded up the pups and went to the park. We parked our car near the pond and I wondered why so many people were at the fence at the pond. We leashed the dogs and quickly discovered why... A dog was in the pond swimming after the ducks. I was worried because I knew there are ducklings. I hoped the dog hadn't harmed the babies. A woman occassionally called "Dottie", without much enthusiasm or command, so the dog swam on. We watched for a few minutes then started our walk.

We started out walking and then Kyra said, "I'll race you to that tree!"  And I couldn't resist an opportunity to run with her; she hates to "run". Hmmm.... so is sprint-racing the key?  She had Tasha on the leash and won; I had Riley on leash who is slower (and so am I, at sprinting).  We walked a little bit and then she wanted to race again to the sign; on your mark, get set, go! Yes... she won again. Then we started skipping. That was fun until I stabbed my foot with a stick; how did I do that? We laughed; we walked; we raced; we covered about 2 miles total; we watched the dog swim after the ducks; and stopped again to watch the dog continue to swim after the ducks; we were relieved to see a set of ducks acting as decoys for the dog to chase while another pair guarded the ducklings in a corner; we were even happier to see the dog tire out and walk out of the pond just as "animal control" arrived. Life is grand!!! RUN FOR FUN TOO!!!

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