Saturday, June 19, 2010

poor fly baby; PF; will run for fresh vegies

Poor fly baby:  Thursday night my daughter hurt her shoulder at her swim meet. She was crying hysterically after finishing the 50 yard butterfly event, which is her favorite and best stroke. She said at about the half-way point she felt a burning pain. Thankfully swim parents have a variety of professions! She got prompt attention from a nurse, doctor and physical therapist. They suspected rotator cuff injury, gave her ibuprofen and started ice immediately. She still couldn't move it without pain Friday morning so I took her into my sports medicine doctor. He's on vacation but his highly trained physician's assistant who is an athletic trainer and specializes in sports injuries was there. X-rays were good. She seemed to be feeling a little better than last night too. He checked her out and diagnosed as rotator cuff strain. Instructions were ice, ibuprofen, theraband exercises and can try swim practice on Monday, but should take it easy and go by how she feels. Make sure she warms up good before swim meet events.

Plantar Fasciitis (PF) update:  So while we were at the doctor's office yesterday, I asked if I could get another cortisone shot in my heel. I told him that my last one was in mid-March. The last shot worked wonders until recently. I started having mild PF pain just before the Blue Ridge Parkway marathon at end of April, but it was mild and bearable. It really started hurting bad again last week after an interval run. It's to the point of making me limp, even while walking. He grabbed my calf and said it was very tight. He told me to do active release stretches before getting out of bed (or before standing after sitting for a while), do static stretches after warm-up and running, and ice several times a day, especially immediately after a run. He said I should continue wearing the "blue dot" heel inserts in my shoes as well, which I do most days. Guess our puppy has superhero hearing skills or is psychic. He decided to chew the heels off my shoe liners to make more room for the heel inserts... Thought it was funny (after I got over being angry).

Run yields fruit:  I stretched before getting out of bed, got dressed and went out for an easy run this morning. 76 degrees, sunny, 87% humidity. My heel is still tender from the shot I got yesterday so it forced the forefoot landing. I ran one mile with the husky, one mile with the golden retriever, and one mile alone.

1 mile with Tasha (husky) = bag of poop & several pee stops & stop to talk to someone driving past that has a husky and she just couldn't resist stopping to say hello to my cute girl. (Pace = 13:04)

1 mile with Riley (golden retriever) = bag of poop, which is rare (Pace = 12:09). I had taken a bag and a dollar with me to buy vegies from neighbor's garden, but used the bag for poop and carried the vegies in my hand.

1 mile alone = jar of lime pickles and a tomato (Pace = 10:30). Neighbor was outside when I ran past his house this time so I stopped to thank him for selling vegies on honor system and tell him cucumbers from last week were awesome! So he gave me a jar of fresh made lime pickles and a tomato that he had just picked. SCORE! He also told me about a local farmers market that is held every Friday night through August from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. in our tiny town square. A year ago I joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), but the farm/pick-up location was a 45 minute drive from my house. I've been looking for something closer, so now I'm thrilled!!!  Fresh + local produce is the BEST. And what does this have to do with running? Fresh fruits and vegies does a body good.

Well, my heel is sufficiently frozen from this frozen water bottle, and the girls just woke up, so time to go make breakfast. Happy Saturday!

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